Les chattes



A mi-chemin entre un groupe de recherche, un collectif d’artistes et un cercle de tricot anarchiste, les chattes croissent depuis 2012. Elles représentent, entre autre, le pôle francophone des Lectures Féministes, réseau de chercheuses féministes plurilingues et transnationales en arts et lettres. Elles lisent des textes ensembles, elles s’entre-lisent les textes des unes des autres, elle s’écrivent des textes, elles font des rencontres, des performances, des résidences, des balades, des.. Read More

The Adventures of Marie-Jeanne-the-Chatte

  Adventures of Marie-Jeanne the Chatte by Lily-the-Chatte   Texts in Italics translated from Virginie Poitrasson’s Positions   Seek to question the beginning of thought in the form of combinatory and open reflective sequences.   There is another world just to the side of the agreed-upon-one. To find it, you must shake the world Like a pan of gold to reveal it Like the internet it is invisible but surrounds.. Read More

The Adventures of Claire-the-Chatte

The Adventures of Claire-the-chatte by Lily-the-chatte   When Claire-the-chatte got her signal to us, it was just after her 400th birthday. A few weeks earlier she had been out prowling in her space suit, when the cord disconnected and she floated away into space. The other chattes woke up from their naps just in time to see her disappear over the far side of a star. By the time the.. Read More